Vivian Hsu is Kris Shen's (AK) aunt?

AK held a press conference to celebrate the release of their new album. Having already been in showbiz for five years, AK received many blessings from friends via a recorded video. To everyone’s surprise, it turns out that Kris Shen has many relatives in the entertainment circle.

Vivian Hsu revealed in the video, “Kris Shen’s grandma was adopted by my grandaunt, so he’s actually considered to be my nephew.” Vivian then joked, “Aboriginals have many children, so you often end up with more relatives without knowing.” But Vivian, who’s 35, warned the 18 year old Kris, “I won’t allow you to call me your ‘aunt’. If you do, I’ll kill you! You must call me ‘Jie Jie’ (older sister) in front of others.”

Vivian Hsu refuses to be called, 'aunt'.

Other than being related to Vivian, Kris also revealed yesterday that Cherrie Ying is his cousin, “My grandma and her grandpa are real siblings, so I have to call Cherrie Ying ‘Biao Jie’ (older cousin) and that makes Jordan Chan my ‘Biao Jie Fu’ (Cherrie’s husband).” After Kris suddenly gained so many relatives in the entertainment industry, Andy Chen couldn’t help but make fun of Kris by saying that Kris is from a “family of entertainers.”

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Source: Appledaily TW / video: sugoideas

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