Vivian Hsu in love with a younger man for new movie

Yesterday, the filming for the third story in the 3-parted film, Juliet, began. This third part of the film stars Vivian Hsu and Wang Po-Chieh in a touching yet tabooed “sister-brother” relationship. (while a “sister-brother” relationship usually describes an older woman dating a younger man, at this point, we’re not quite sure what the taboo is… could it be that they’re real siblings? Siblings by marriage?..)

For the movie, Vivian breaks away from her usual prettiness and cuteness image. In Juliet, she plays a character that has been diagnosed with polio, needing to rely on a walking stick. For the role, she films without putting on any makeup and in order to make her need for a walking stick believable, she practiced hard and even gained several bruises on her legs. Vivian admits that she feels great pressure for the role and director Hou Ji-Ran  praises, “Even during the audition, she always strives to do her best.” As for whether there would be a possible nomination for Vivian, the director did not make any promises.

Wang Po-Chieh, who has previously won the best newcomer award at the Taipei Film Festival, will be playing a university student set in the 70’s.

Source: UDN

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