Viter Fan's face missing from the previews of CTV's upcoming drama

CTV has started to air promos of their upcoming drama 就是要香戀 (roughly translates to Just Want a Sweet Love) last Friday, as it is scheduled to take over for Down with Love at the end of this month. One of the TV spots featured lead actress Alice Ceng and the infamous Viter Fan, but interestingly, there was no close up of his face.

In the 10-second clip, the scenes that included him either showed the actor from afar or simply just the back of his head. Some creative netizens are asking everyone to join “the search for Viter Fan”. Others suggested that it was an attempt to be mysterious, like Chow Yun-Fat’s classic movie God of Gamblers where only his back side was shown.

In the other 10-second promo, it featured Kingone Wang asking Tiffany Hsu, “You don’t want money, then what do you want?” She teases back, “Be my slave.” Many netizens are already taking notice of their steamy exchange. They praised Kingone Wang for looking great in his rich-boy role, and commented that idea of seeing Black & White’s creepy drug lord in melodrama sure makes it exciting. They were also impressed by Tiffany Hsu in her role as a superstar.

In response to the “missing” Viter Fan, CTV explained that they wanted to focus on the drama itself. In addition to the lead actors, the show also features an excellent supporting cast. Despite the backlash from Viter Fan’s “First Night” scandal, students from Shih Hsin University have started a fan club for the drama. They hope to support Shin Hsin graduates from the production, which includes Alice Ceng, director Hung Chih-Yu, lighting technician and actor Li Li-Qun.

Preview 1:

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Source: Chinatimes, gar0922's Channel

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