[Video] English Subbed Jay Chou's Superman Can't Fly MV

As previously reported, Jay Chou released the first single, Superman Can't Fly (YesAsia Translation: This Superman Can't Fly) off his 10th album, The Era. Set to be released on May 14th, the album is already available as a Limited Edition pre-order from YesAsia.com.

"This Limited Edition comes in a deluxe 3D metal case, which houses a CD, a DVD, and a lyrics booklet. Preorder Version also comes with a set of 9 commemorative badges, each representing one of Jay's previous albums." - YesAsia
The Superman Can't Fly lyrics, filled with Jay's feelings about his ten years in show-biz, has generated much discussion since its release. Additionally, there has been much criticism about the man chosen to star in the MV. Netizens have complained that he -- a stranger to Jay's fans, but a friend of Jay's - was not handsome and a bit on the chubby side. In defense, JVR stated that the choice to cast a non-artiste was to show how even a normal person can be a superhero.

We now bring his words to you through this translated version of his Superman Can't Fly MV. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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