Van Ness Wu becomes the latest Brother Sharp

The real Brother Sharp might have lost his edge after returning home, but the legacy of his “street-style” lives on with stars like Leon Lai, Leehom Wang, Peter ho and now, Van Ness Wu!
Vanness-Sharp vs Brother Sharp

Van Ness Wu became the latest star to channel Brother Sharp in his new commercial. He was dressed in a “Sharp” style knee-length jacket and wore a wig that closely resembled to the original. Van Ness's face was covered in shoe polish and the smoky eyes makeup sure added a touch of melancholy. The video was shot entirely in Hong Kong, in which his character was a beggar before getting a makeover. In the end, Van Ness-Sharp turned himself into a trendy man and picked up his bride in a Rolls Royce.

Van Ness shared the excitement of his new look with fans through his blog. Many netizens didn’t mind ugly-Van Ness and even praised him for looking cute. His manager Katie didn’t know the commercial has already made its way onto the Internet. She said, “He was helping out a friend to film a commercial for a discount website, without charging any fees.” She said he doesn’t mind looking ugly for a role at all, and believes that taking on a challenge is the best thing.

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Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, uBuyiBuy's Channel

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