Tiffany practices responding to the media regarding Ethan

Every time boyfriend Ethan Ruan is surrounded by rumors and bad press, the media would chase after Tiffany Hsu for answers. Her responses seem very decisive and well thought every time, but she reveals that it’s all a result of ‘practicing’, “I’m not a very decisive person. Every time something happens, I never know what to do. I need time to calm down and then find the answer.”

Before she thinks the situation through, she doesn’t respond. Even when she have arguments with her mom or Xiao Tian (Ethan) due to disagreements, she would immediately isolate herself, and it’s no use regardless of how hard the other party tries to make her talk.

The moment the news broke out about Xiao Tian’s “hotel incident,” Xiao Tian immediately apologized to Tiffany first thing. Her decision to continue being with him had nothing to do with his apology, but rather, it was the result after she thought about it carefully. And thus, she was then able to face the media.

Tiffany spoke honestly, “I don’t want to give the standard response or say something meaningless.” When she knew that she couldn’t avoid the media any longer, she would lock herself in a room and think of all the possible questions that the media would ask and then think of ways to answer them.

What if she comes across an unexpected question? She smiles painfully, “I would usually start blinking continuously, and my mind would go blank. Then I would end up saying something stupid.” Due to this kind of personality, it’s quite a challenge for her to play the straight-forward girl in her upcoming drama, “就是要香戀” (Just Want A Sweet Love). She comments, “She’s (the role) very clear of what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She’s very daring and brave to show her love or hate.”

In the drama, for the sake of helping her father pay back the money he owed, she chooses to enter showbiz and uses all kinds of methods to make it big. The drama even touches the sensitive topic of having “unwritten rules” in showbiz – In order to obtain a role in a drama/movie, she is willing to let the director take advantage of her.

When the model turned actress was asked if “unwritten rules” really exist, she says that she has not come across any, but she has seen it before where she could only turn away and not look. However, she will not criticize anyone due to this, “Everyone has their own way or method to go after success and that (kind of method) is in a different world that’s unrelated to me.”

Before going to Vietnam to film the drama, Tiffany came to help UDN do another photo shoot of “star’s taste.” Tiffany shines with beauty in front of the camera, and that is because of her pure heart. She has also become more understanding and confident of herself.

 Tiffany in PRADA, summer collection.

Source: UDN

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