Taiwanese singer Freda Li goes solo; debuts with Lady Gaga-look

Taiwanese new artist Freda Li 利得彙 finally released her first debut solo album "Obsessive Love 花痴" on May 20th, where she premiered her latest work by performing at Taipei's famed music venue The Red House in the entertainment district of Ximending. The exhibition unleashed something that Freda that she kept hidden during her days with music outfit Happy Gang 快樂幫: her dance skills. Combining her singing with her "Obsessive Love Dance", Freda musically proclaimed her "Obsessive Love Declaration" to her fans in attendance.

In order to match the title of her debut album, Freda adopted an exaggerated saccharine visual theme. In addition to matching the brightly colored clothing look from the character's battle suits in Japanese manga series "Dragon Ball", Freda even went to great pains to putting on a cotton candy-like wig topped with a humongous pink fluorescent bow and matched super heavy doll-like makeup. The visual flair was reminscient of the exaggerated style made famous from American pop star Lady Gaga, whom also enjoys great popularity in Taiwan.

Freda Li 利得彙's "Obsessive Love 花痴" MV:

Happy Gang 快樂幫 (Freda's old group)'s "We Are No. 1 (我是No.1)" MV:

Source: CTS, NOWnews

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