Super Idol’s Eison gets a surprise from a cross-dressing fan

Super Idol season 2 winner Eison celebrated his 28th birthday with fans yesterday. The birthday boy got a little surprise when an awfully “hot” fan joined him on stage. Unfortunately, Eison didn’t realize his fan was a man until he took out a traditional birthday bun from his chest. The singer played along anyways and took a bite out of the bun with his eyes closed, but he cried out, “It’s all sweaty!” The male fan was not only all over his body, he even tried to kiss Eison, “I have never been kissed by a guy before, oh God.”

In addition to the "surprise" performance, Eison also received other gifts such as Ang Gu Kueh (Turtle-shaped Glutinous Rice Cake) and rice noodle. Despite being his birthday, the singer felt more like a public enemy due to the slew of practical jokes from his fans. Eison was later moved to tears by a video that comprised of well wishes from fans all over the world.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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