Summer's Desire poster up for vote

Current leader: The deep ocean

FTV and GTV's Summer's Desire 泡沫之夏, set to air at the end of this month, caught three A-listers: Da S, Huang Xiao Ming, and Peter Ho. So, who should be the main focus on the official poster?

GTV had originally designed three different posters, one of which gives 1/3 of the poster to each of the three stars, where Huang Xiao Ming is at the top, and which Huang Xiao Ming liked the most. However, when this poster was released online on the yam website, it was immediately attacked for plagiarizing the poster of Autumn's Concerto.

Accused of plagirism: The bruise of broken heart 

Last week, GTV placed all three posters onto the yam website for a vote. The one giving 1/3 space to each was named, "The bruise of broken heart" (烈愛傷痕) with Huang Xiao Ming at the top, Da S in the middle, and producer-actor Peter Ho at the bottom. With his head at 30 degrees, the picture gives prominence to Huang Xiao Ming's expression and chin becoming the best poster of him out of all three. However, it is given the least votes by netizens and caused worries due to attacks about plagiarism. Thus, GTV has already decided to abandon the poster.

Currently in second place:  The glimmering in summer

The other two posters both have Da S as the main focus with her picture being larger than Huang Xiao Ming and Peter Ho's combined, and is very eye catching. Someone online even stated, "There is a bit too much of a difference between the size of the leads in this poster." One of these posters was named "The glimmering in summer" (夏日晨曦). In it, the three are bathing underneath the sun. Another was named "The deep ocean" (海洋深邃) with a completely blue background creating a mysterious illusion.

Peter Ho said that he liked "Ocean Depth" the best, that the blue seems like both water and summer. Currently, this poster also has the most votes. As for the "supporting roles" Huang Xiao Ming and him play in this poster, he said laughingly, "We are both vying for Da S's love, so it's right that she should be the main focus. Plus, males should give way to females."

 Standings at time of writing this CpopAccess article

There are still around 6 days left for voting. You can cast your vote by going HERE. (You can vote as many times as you want, it seems...) Personally, I like the colors in "The glimmering in summer"  the best. But I suppose it's a bit too cheerful for this series. What is your opinion?

Sources: UDN, yam

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