Stars share their childhood photos and reflect on Mother’s Day

Taiwanese HitFm invited stars to share their thoughts on the upcoming Mother’s Day. S.H.E’s Selina and Ella plan to present their moms with big red envelopes (a.k.a. cash), while Hebe will be giving her mom with a pearl necklace to show her gratitude.  

The usually humorous Ella remembers growing up as a child with kidney problems. Her mom would take her from Pingtung to Kaohsiung by train for her hospital appointments. Ella said she was deeply moved by her mom as she never complained of being tired from the travelling.

As for Hebe, her mom is a stay-at-home mom and takes care of everything around the household. Hebe said, “(I) learned to be independent from my mom.” When asked if their moms are concerned about future marriages, Selina said, “(We’ll) try hard, and hope that fate won’t be hiding too far away.”

Eddie Peng was raised by his single-mom and the two share a close relationship together. Since his family ran a restaurant, he said he would “be filial by finishing every dish.” His favorite was fried eggs with tomatoes, but due to his stomach problems, his mom often had to take care of him by taking time off work. Eddie Peng said he plans to buy her a cake for Mother’s Day since he can’t afford any luxury gifts for now. He added, “(I) hope to travel with my mom around the world in the future.”

Eddie Peng with mom

Bili’s son Nick Chou has been receiving a lot of attention before his first album has even been released. Although he is just getting started in showbiz, Nick Chou has already set his sights on buying his mom a house. He also hopes to help mom with starting her own line of fashion, because she has an impeccable sense of style.

Bili and Nick Chou

Mother’s Day is on this Sunday May 9th, just in case if anyone didn’t know already.

Source: Nownews

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