Speculation over JJ’s GMA nomination

The GMA’s (Golden Melody Awards) nomination list just came out and JJ Lin’s nomination for best male performer (for the album, “100 days”) is already in question. Lin Qiu-Li, the big boss of JJ’s record company, happens to be one of the judges for the GMA this year. Many speculate that Lin Qiu-Li may have influenced JJ’s nomination.

In regards to this, Lin responded, “I cannot accept this at all. I can only say that if I really did ‘influence’ the nominations, then more nominations would have been given to my singers and not just one.” He then emphasized, “I rarely have any contact with people in the industry. Furthermore, I’m the boss of a record company, so how would I convince other competitors to agree with me? How would I be able to make my singers be nominated? It’s impossible.”

Nonetheless, JJ cherishes his nomination this time very much, “Thank you to the judges for believing my talent before, which gave me the courage to continue. And thank you to the judges for recognizing my efforts this time round. I will continue to push forward and not give up!”

Source: Liberty Times

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