Sodagreen sings A Little Love Song in Liverpool

Sodagreen was invited to perform at the Liverpool Music Festival back on the 22nd representing Taiwan. Although member Ah Gong is currently serving in the military, they still successfully "borrowed" him from the Ministry of Defense for the event. Their first performance attracted over a thousand fans, in which many of whom were overseas students from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lead singer Tsing-Fong said emotionally, "Being immersed in this atmosphere, it felt as if we were students studying abroad ourselves. In a distant country, being able to meet someone you know from the past, it's actually quite touching."

The Liverpool Music Festival was held over three days in 30+ venues, with over a thousand performances. Sodagreen kicked off their show with "Fever", followed by other hits like "Oh Oh Oh Oh", "Daylight" and "Take Me Away". They also debuted a new song titled "Ten Years One Moment" and ended the performance with "A Little Love Song".

Coincidentally, Tsing-Fong recognized his grade school classmate Miss Mei from the crowd during their performance. He said, "We haven't seen each other in over ten years. I had a car accident when I was young, and was taken to her family clinic for treatment. Her family is like my saviors."

Sodagreen also visited The Beatles Story museum during their stay, and stocked up on souvenirs including t-shirts, magnets, leather backpacks, etc...

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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