Singapore’s finests sing for their country at the World Expo

The Singapore pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo invited the country’s bests to sing its theme song “Every Touching Moment”. The song was written and performed by JJ Lin, along with Ah Du, Sun Yanzi and Tanya Chua. They came together for a photo shoot recently in preparation for its release on the 19th. The single will be accompanied by a photo album and a behind-the-scenes DVD.

The atmosphere at the photo shoot was relaxed and joyful as if they were meeting up with old friends. Ah Du and Tanya Chua complimented each other, while JJ Lin showed off his new camera. He said, “The four of us often run into each other outside of the country, but it’s our first time singing together.” They were proud to be invited by the Singapore Tourism Board for this opportunity, as singers from different record companies rarely get to collaborate. 

MV from pamperziii's Channel

Source: Nownews, pamperziii's Channel

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