Show Luo reveals obsession over Sun Yanzi's toes

Show Luo performed in the first of three sold out shows at the Hong Kong coliseum yesterday. He pulled out every trick in his bag to wow his fangirls and they sure weren’t disappointed. The concert included a dance medley in which he channeled top female stars like A-Mei Chang, ELVA Hsiao and Jolin Tsai. He put in an extra amount of effort during “Dancing Diva”, as he flung his head and twisted his butt.

Stefanie Sun Yanzi was his special guest of the night. Show Luo complimented that she looks great in her light make-up, and also revealed his obsession over her toes. He looked at them and said, “It was love at first sight between us. Hello, long time no see!” Needless to say, Sun Yanzi was embarrassed.

Show Luo said he was thrilled to take the stage at the HK coliseum. When his family photos were shown on the big screen, he cried as they reminded him of his late father: “This clip wasn’t filmed by me. Someone sent it to my home one day. I caught it unintentionally, and felt my dad has reappeared in front of me.” The show didn’t end until 11 pm after two encores, but fans still refused to leave. Show Luo changed into his casual clothes and had to return to stage. He sang half a song without music and said, “You should be going home now. I have to sleep too. I’m not Eason Chan!”


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