S.H.E's Selina ordered to lose weight for concert by management

Three years ago, the empresses of girl groups S.H.E was a huge success in helping break sales of over a million from endorsing a female sportswear brand. To reward the popular Taiwanese female group for their achievement, the company recently presented a handmade gold-threaded shirt. The three ladies couldn't help but laugh, and replied, "There's a lot of value and empress power as a result of this gold-threaded shirt."

Since their sportswear brand promotions, S.H.E's preparations for their upcoming "Love the World" concert tour is in full swing, yet her management has expressed concern regarding the weight of S.H.E member Selina as of late, and has asked Selina to lose some weight in preparations for the tour. Selina expressed, "We're currently rehearsing our dances and working out, and when it's time for the concert, we'll all be in good shape." The "overweight" member of the group has also divulged that the group will be adding some extra material for their Taipei concert to give thanks to their fans.

Source: UDN, Apple Daily

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