Sandee Chan is also surprised that Yoga did not get nominated

After the GMA nominations were announced, many felt that a lot of good singers and albums were left out on the list. And one of them was former champion of One Million Star season 1, Yoga Lin.

Yoga’s “Senses Around” was filled with personal style as HIM records have been working hard to expand Yoga’s music style. Although the album was well received, where “Fairy Tale” has become a hit in KTV, Yoga did not receive any major Golden Melody nomination except “Best album packaging” and “Best music video.” Many were surprise of the results.

On the day the nominations were announced, Yoga was attending another award ceremony at Guangzhou, where he met music producer / Super Idol judge Sandee Chan backstage. Sandee asked Yoga, “How many nominations did you get?” Yoga replied while feeling a little embarrassed, “None, only best album design and MV.” Sandee then expressed in shock, “Seriously? What’s wrong with the judges ears? I thought your album was great and that you would definitely get nominated.”

After hearing Sandee’s complimented, Yoga expressed, “Actually, in another perspective, I’m very happy about this outcome. It turns out a lot of people really like ‘Senses Around’.” General manager HIM records comforted the fans, “Yoga’s music and his on stage performances are always captivating. He will work even harder for the third album.”

Despite not getting nominated, Yoga has received more spokesperson contracts, including commercials for cakes, accessories, and online games. His record company is also organizing more concerts for him that will include stops at Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. They are also in the process of planning a concert stop at Australia.

Source: UDN

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