Sammo Hung blasts Donnie Yen for being full of himself

Donnie Yen’s Ip Man 2 swept the Hong Kong box office by making over 20 million (HKD) in the first 8 days of showing. The movie even surpassed Iron Man 2 and has taken the “Universe Strongest” (a.k.a Donnie Yen) to the height of his career. His battle with veteran action star Sammo Hung in the movie was especially unforgettable for the audience. However, Sammo Hung revealed in a recent interview that Donnie is on a high because of his success and speaks incoherently as a result.

The 46 year-old Donnie Yen has already taken his career to Hollywood in the early years. He had quite an attitude when he initially returned to Hong Kong and was often called the King of Pose by the media. It was not until the success of Ip Man last year that he toned down the aura of being the “Universe Strongest”.

While attending the Hong Kong film review festival in Guangzhou, Sammo Hung was asked about his costar’s attitude. He frankly said, “This is normal, getting results after filming for so many years, of course the pleasure of success is stronger.” When asked if they had any conflicts, Sammo revealed, “There was none when we rehearsed, (I) felt that he still respects me a lot. But I recently received someone’s text message, saying that Donnie Yen now speaks incoherently or something.”

Did he try to advise Donnie? Sammo returned the question, “Why is any advice needed? That’s his own business. He can do whatever he wants.” Donnie Yen has once said Jackie Chan and Jet Li are the only people capable of battling him. After hearing this, Sammo laughed, “That’s fine, let them fight among themselves.”

Ip Man 2 marked the second time that the 58 year-old Sammo Hung has worked with Donnie Yen, after SPL in 2005. Their battle on a round table in Ip Man 2 left a deep impression on everyone, but Sammo made it clear that he is not interested in filming a third Ip Man. He said, “I don’t really want to do another one, unless they ask me to play Ip Man, but obviously that’s not possible.” He was asked if he would avoid taking on physical roles due to his age, Sammo responded, “Who say I can’t fight, wait till I’m 100 before bringing up this topic.”

Donnie Yen was not available for comments as he is currently filming in the mainland. His representative Miss Cheung said, “Donnie and Sammo Hung had a great time together during filming. Donnie has always had respect for Sammo Hung. (He) didn’t think there were any problems. They have a pretty good relationship. Sammo Hung probably didn’t mean what he was saying.”

Sammo and new BFF Donnie at Ip Man 2 celebration party (no...just kidding)

Source: Appledaily, Mingpaonews, UDN

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