Rice Family's Pink Yang leaves rich man for fellow cast member Kurt Chou?

Rumors from the set of Rice Family 飯糰之家 say that despite not having had too much screen time together yet, Pink Yang 楊千霈 and Kurt Chou 周孝安 are actually pretty close in private, suggesting that she has left her rich man for this macho man. Yesterday, Pink openly praised Kurt's build and his compassion. However, she said that the two were more like "relatives" and that "the relationship between the cast and crew of the series are all good, just like a family."

When reporters called Pink Yang to seek confirmation about the rumors, she would rather speak about her relationship with Kurt Chou than about the rich man she was once seen strolling the night markets of London with. She begged, "Don't write about him anymore, he and I are really just friends." When asked whether they still kept in touch since they were just friends, Pink Yang cleverly avoided the question, "I am busy filming and don't even stay in touch with my Taiwan friends, let alone Hong Kong ones."

In Rice Family, Pink Yang is secretly in love with Xiu Jie Kai 修杰楷 while Kurt Chou is the son of her boss. The two haven't actually had much interaction in the series yet, however the staff revealed that the two often talk together when they had time and that the two had even made plans to eat together.

Pink Yang stated, "We have gone singing with a group before, but I have not eaten alone with anyone." She laughed saying that before collaborating with him, she had gone on Google to research Kurt Chou's background. After seeing the picture of him modeling underwear, she blushed a lot when she met the real person, "The picture kept on appearing in my mind, I didn't know where to look."

She also praised Kurt Chou for being very compassionate and that for a newcomer, his acting skills weren't too bad. When asked whether she would accept loving a man who was younger than her, since Kurt Chou is two years her junior, she said, "When I was a child, I always felt that my boyfriend must be older than me, but now I no longer have this restriction."

On whether there could be further developments, Pink Yang stated that work comes first and is not thinking about that much. She says that it's hard to make friends when being show business due to being afraid of rumors that will scare the other person away.

Rice Family 飯糰之家 is currently airing on TTV on Mondays-Thursdays at 8pm.

Source: UDN

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