Rainie Yang cringes about Wu Chun being more beautiful than her

As previously reported, GTV is calling on Wu Chun, and Rainie Yang to save their dismal ratings. When she met Wu Chun for the first time on the set of "Tokyo Juliet," Rainie's first reactions were, "This man is really too pretty!" and "He is truly as pretty as a female." Yesterday, when endorsing a beauty product, Rainie said, "I'm a goner! He is prettier than me. Will others think that he actually the female lead?"

While the series was originally said to start filming in April, there has been no further reports except that the leads don't seem to have met up with each other yet. As "Down With Love" is losing the ratings battle with little chance of pulling ahead, let us hope for GTV that nothing has delayed the filming.

Sources: UDN, Libertytimes, GTV

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