P.S. Man stays on top of Sunday night Idol drama ratings

Two new dramas joined the Sunday night lineup last weekend, but none was able to challenge P.S. Man for its ratings. The SETTV drama remained in the top spot with an average of 4.24 %, a slight drop from the previous week despite not having any strong competition. CTV’s new drama, Scent of Love, wasn’t able to benefit from its predecessor Down With Love and only managed 0.95%. They were followed by FTV’s new offer Summer’s Desire at 0.86%, while CTS’s Calling For Love stayed in last place with 0.80% for three weeks straight.
Mike He tries to find his way out of the bottom; Viter Fan can't keep his mouth shut.

The cast of P.S. Man celebrated 10 weeks at number one with white wine earlier today. Blue Lan explained their ratings success, “because our storylines are more closely related to real life, thereby receiving the support of viewers.” The highlight of last episode was P.S. Man going back to his old ways after a failed confession to Sonia Sui's character. However, Blue Lan assured that would never happen in real life, “I only confess my love when I’m 100% certain (of success.)” His costar James Wen said he would usually go with the flow and give up if it doesn’t work out.

Summer’s Desire producer and star Peter Ho said he is satisfied with the ratings so far. He hopes the drama can capture a mature audience with its different style of storytelling. Summer’s Desire also marked FTV’s return to idol dramas for the first time in two years. The network revealed that its ratings were three times from they had before with Kimura Takuya's classic Good Luck. Peter Ho also said he would invite costar Huang Xiao-Ming to Taiwan if their ratings break 5%. He and Barbie Hsu will strip his clothes off and push him into pool as a display of their gratitude…

Maybe Barbie Hsu and Peter Ho in school uniforms are scaring viewers away?

Source: Chinatimes, CNA, UDN

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