P.S. Man continues to dominate idol drama ratings

P.S. Man has been winning the Sunday night idol drama battle for over a month. With ratings averaging in the mid-4%,  it is unlikely to get any challenge until Calling For Love or Summer’s Desire make their debut later this month. P.S. Man hit a series-high with an average rating of 4.8% this past Sunday, while Down With Love took in 2.72%, and Because of You continued its dismal run at 0.28%.

P.S. Man's highest rated segment came courtesy of Blue Lan and James Wen. Their scene, in which the two grown men turned a kiddie game into a fight, was the most watched by viewers in the episode. Despite improvements in the ratings, netizens criticized the messy love triangle between its lead characters.

Supporting actor Xiao Xiao Bin is also getting complaints for being a living-prop on the show. His character Xiao Tuo Luo has very little to do and is not as likable as his breakthrough role on Autumn’s Concerto. A netizen on PTT commented that Xiao Tuo Luo is the top 3 most hated characters on P.S.Man, while another person wrote,“Xiao Tuo Luo’s pouting expression looks deliberate, as if it was an impersonation by Na Dou.” But another netizen came to his defence, “I like Xiao Xiao Bin, but I really don’t like Xiao Tuo Luo.”

Xiao Xiao Bin’s manager confirmed that some netizens did voice their dislikes on his blog. They feel helpless at this point, but they will discuss the direction of his role with the production team. Xiao Xiao Bin will be heading to school in August and won’t take on any new TV dramas. His manager hopes he will be offered lead roles in the future, “He is a gifted child star who can act. If he is not given a good role, he can’t shine, and would even become a burden.”

Na Dou as Xiao Xiao Bin

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes

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