Peter Ho turns down drama role to release new album

Peter Ho’s new album, “記得我愛過” (Remember I’ve Loved Before) will be released by end of June. It is said that ten million (NT) will be spent towards the promotion, which includes putting up his posters on five hundred signboards at Taipei’s metro stations. Other than inviting top stars Chae Rim, Ruby Lin, and Patina Lin to be in his MVs, he will also sing remakes of Korean diva Baek Ji-Young’s “Like Being Hit by A Bullet” and Jacky Cheung’s “How Can I Forget You.”

A year ago when Peter invited Chae Rim to be in the first MV for his upcoming album, many fans thought that he would be releasing the album soon, but due to his busy schedules in filming movies and dramas, the album has been postponed until next month.

Originally, Peter was to be in the new drama series, “香格里拉” (Shangri-La) in June. Peter was also very interested in the character, but after he considered how long his fans have been waiting for his album, he turned down the project so that he can focus on promoting his album. Peter is currently in Beijing filming another MV for his album, which costs a million dollars (NT) to produce.

Source: Appledaily TW

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