Peter Ho to kneel to Da S if ratings fail

Huang Xiao Ming has confirmed that he is unable to head to Taiwan for the originally scheduled promotions on the 27th for FTV and GTV's Summer's Desire (泡沫之夏).

GTV stated yesterday that due to paperwork issues, he is unable to head to Taiwan in time. However, during filming, there were lots of rumors that Huang Xiao Ming and Peter Ho were "kings" competing with each other. Perhaps he is worried that he will lose this time. Peter Ho's manager stated, "How is that possible? They are good friends and he will again be invited for the second round of promotions at the beginning of June."

Summer's Desire, scheduled to air on the 30th, will have Peter Ho and Da S leading the promotions. Due to holding the position of both the producer and actor, Peter Ho has been under a lot of pressure and is thus suffering from insomnia. He jokingly said, "Judgment day has finally arrived. Filming this series used up too much energy and money. At the beginning it took around two months of communication with the author of the original work, Ming Xiao Xi, to get her to agree to sell the copyrights. Everyone in the drama has sacrificed and held out. If the results are not good, I might have to kneel in front of Da S for three days and three nights."

Da S said straight out that Peter Ho was a hard producer to please, "However, the two of us complemented each other. When the pressure on him was too great and he didn't have anywhere to let it out, I encouraged him to endure it. When I was nearly forced to desperation by my role, Peter would also be considerate and console me."

Because Summer's Desire will be airing during the Sunday idol drama time, NT$6,000,000 has been spent on promotions including paying for the Taipei Arena LED screen to broadcast bits of news, large advertisements at bus stops, bus advertisements, and commercials reaching all provinces. They also published a best collection of Ming Xiao Xi's books.

Source: UDN

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