Nick Chou becomes a heartless man for his debut concert

Just two months away from his debut concert on July 10th, Nick Chou gets ready by filming the promotional video for “附心漢” (roughly translates to Heartless Man).

The video will show a girl digging out his heart, where Nick bleeds non-stop. Nick, who doesn’t dare to eat any internal organ-related foods, couldn’t help but puke during the act. For the scene, the director specially prepared four pig hearts and fake blood to splatter over Nick’s white shirt. Nick commented, “It had a very strong smell. It was scary.”

Nick started attending variety shows and events to promote himself since the beginning of April and his Facebook now has over ten thousand fans, giving him much support. Nick has set himself the goal of becoming “a good-looking and talented singer.” Despite the release of his debut album is still undecided, Nick has already taken the opportunity to write three songs, which are: “Wake Up,” “翻頁作廢,” and “情剩.” He emphasized, “I will not only rely on my looks, but I will also compose and I have many thoughts about my own music.”

Source: UDN

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