Nick becomes superstitious and prays during MV filming

Billie’s son Nick Chou was filming his latest MV, “附心漢” (Heartless Man) when Billie suddenly found out that it was a “bad” day in the lunar calendar. Being worried of her son’s safety, she wanted to invite a master to the MV shooting location to help push away any bad luck. However, she was afraid that Nick might get mad and feel that she was being too superstitious, so she wrote him a note and shoved it into his pocket instead.

It turned out that in the note, Billie wrote to her son, “put your hands together and pray for good fortune on the set.” Nick sure was obedient. Whenever he was on break, he would immediately put his hands together and prayed. Billie still visited Nick in the end to make sure he was well.

Papaya Ah Xia says - Maybe what Billie should really be worrying about are seductive vixens having an interest in her son. Even if you pray, they won’t disappear.

Source: Appledaily TW

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