Newbie group H.E.R.O gets bashed before making their debut

Another boygroup will soon be making their debut this year -- H.E.R.O, or the so-called “younger version of Fahrenheit”, is said to be selected out of 3000 people and ranges between the age of 18 to 25.  Although they haven't released any albums yet, their fans are apparently in a war of words with fans of the real Fahrenheit. The group gave their first performance at the "My City Girl" event yesterday, but some onlookers thought they were a group was from Korea.  It's not hard to see why people are confused, because.....Who the heck are they?

The new made-in-Taiwan group consists of member Hugo, Eleven, Richard and Orando. Their management company hopes to train them into multi-talented individuals before the release of their first album in November. According to their manager, someone previously predicted that “the achievement of H.E.R.O would be no less than Fahrenheit”, which attracted much criticism from netizens.

Member Orando Li, who is said to be a Wu Chun/Eddie Peng look-alike, was once recruited by the manager of AK’s Kris Shen. Unfortunately his family thought he was too young at the time, so their group (OK?) never came about. When asked if he is worried about competing against Kris Shen, Li said, “We are very good friends in real life! Although we’re busy with our own things, we still stay in touch whenever time allows, and chat on MSN when we see each other online.”

Source: Nownews

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