Miracles of Makeup

While Lu Chen hurt his pinky while he was practicing some new “miracles”, another miracle was witnessed on the popular variety show, Diamond Club (鑽石夜總會), this past weekend. Two popular internet otaku goddesses (Zhua Zhua and Emily) revealed their true faces on the show in hope to win themselves ten thousand dollars (NT). The one who appeared to be the most different before and after makeup would win the prize money.

For the sake of the prize money, they tossed away their pride as popular beauties that have hundreds of photos circulating around the web. To our readers, viewers’ discretion is advised!

Zhua Zhua decided to show off her comedic talents before putting on makeup. Emily could not show a smile, feeling bare without her makeup. But with just half their faces in makeup, it was enough to make everyone's jaws drop. Special guests of the show shouted complaints, “It’s like a scam…The night you marry her and find out her real face, you feel like getting a divorce.” Host Li Jing cried out, “I want to call the police…”
Members of the audience were left speechless.

“Everyone, it’s time to witness a miracle!” –Huang Guo Lun borrowing magician Lu Chen’s famous phrase…

Miraculous! The magic of makeup. Even Zhua Zhua’s male friend, who accompanied her onto the show, admitted that he was once mesmerized by her looks, but was devastated after seeing her real face.

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