Million Star finalists overshadowed by Aska Yang and Lin Yu-Chun

One Million Star season 6 came to an end just this past Friday with a moderate average rating of 3.37%. The finalists each sang two songs and it was Hu Xia who won it all, leading in the competition from start till finish. Du Hua Jin held onto her second place and the “Handsome Trio" came in third. The top three finishers sparked some debate amongst netizens as they are all contestants from Mainland China, while the local Taiwanese contestants all failed to make it on the podium. Netizens commented, "It can't be helped. After all, the show is aired on 'CTV' (poking fun at the network's name: China TV)."  Hu Xia spoke generously, “We’ve never cared about where each of us came from. We’ve all worked very hard and hoped for the best for each other.”

Despite the finalists gave it their best in performing that night, the special guests: Aska Yang (4.43%), Lin Yu-Chun (3.86%) and Kenny G (3.95%) were the ones that brought in the highest peaks in ratings. The special guests indeed helped in improving the show’s ratings as it has been averaging below 2% previously. The special guests further stole the attention away from the finalists as they complied to host Matilda Tao’s request – collab between Lin Yu-Chun and Kenny G, while Matilda humorously dance around them.

Nonetheless, it was a night to celebrate the new top three finishers of One Million Star season 6. Here are some highlights:

Hu Xia performs Aaron Kwok's dance song, "唱這歌" (Singing This Song)

Hu Xia performing "閃亮的日子" (Shining Days)

Du Hua Jin performing "意難忘"

Handsome Trio performing "Super Girl"

Aska & finalists

part 2

Lin Yu-Chun performing "I Dreamed A Dream"

Kenny G & Lin Yu-Chun performing "Saving All My Love For You"

Source: Appledaily TW / videos: KURO1214, hahawawalala

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