A-Mei lines up with fans to get Jay's autograph

It’s been a year and seven months since Jay Chou has released a new album. Yesterday, he held a autographing and concert even at Kaohsiung, attracting four thousand fans. Even pop diva A-Mei Chang lined up for Jay’s autograph just like the other fans!  For this autographing session, Jay made an exception to sign two albums for each fan.  He signed a total of eight thousand CDs at the event, breaking his personal record.

Last year, Jay has been busy with filming movies and dramas. For his first autographing session for his latest album, The Era, many fans started lining up the night before. They waited 27 hours to see their idol and to get his autograph while accompanied by Kaohsiung’s hot temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. An ambulance was on standby, which was equipped with three big cylinders of oxygen just in case. After Jay had signed autographs for about a hundred people, there were already four fans that fell from a heatstroke. They were immediately taken to the first aid tent and luckily, they were okay after getting some rest.

Jay and A-Mei have been very good friends. Several days ago when A-Mei held her “Amit” concert, Jay attended even though he rarely goes to other people’s concerts, which moved A-Mei very much. Yesterday afternoon during her spare time, she lined up with the fans holding Jay’s album looking to get a signature. Once she got on the stage, Jay jumped up from his seat from shock, “How come you’re here!” He immediately greeted her and the two hugged. Jay signed two CDs for her before she left the stage.

Jay always works hard in helping out the newcomers. He brought The Drifters with him to the event - including his mom and staff, a total of eighteen people took the high speed rail to arrive at Kaohsiung.

After the signing, he dined at a retro-styled restaurant. Seeing a bus stop sign from the past, he happily commented, “This is cool! Someone should consider opening this kind of restaurant in Taipei!”  He will be returning to Taipei today to hold another autographing session at Ximending.

The night before, Jay was interviewed on POP Radio. When he was asked about his Golden Melody best male performer award which he received last year, he laughed, “This award is very real because it’s not an award that’s given to you as long as you attend (the ceremony).” He will be attending this year’s show as a presenter, so he feels very relaxed this time.

Source: Appledaily TW

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