Mayday to Release 3D Movie of DNA Concert

After being on tour for over 14 months and performing 44 concerts around the world for over 620,000 people, Mayday racked up a whopping 1,116,000,000 NT (approximately $35 million) in ticket sales. Mayday announced that when their last tour performance ends on July 24th at Taizhong, Taiwan, the rock band will be filming their concert into a 3D movie titled 《3DNA》.

During a recent interview with Mayday, Ah shin asked bassist Masa if he was excited for the filming to begin. Masa replied that he was indeed excited for the filming of the movie. Guitarists Stone and Monster further added that to comply with 3D movies, they will be shooting out "things" to the audience. It turned out that they were only talking about throwing their guitar picks into the stands as they did during live concerts.

Ah shin also commented that he hopes the $3.5 million movie will be played in South Korea. When reporters asked whether Mayday wanted to counterattack the South Korean music industry since so many South Korean idol groups have debuted and expanded in Taiwan, Ah shin laughed and replied, "We didn't say that directly, but you guys can write it like that."

Source: Appledaily

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