Matilda Tao beats Lin Chi-Ling to become Taiwan’s most beautiful woman

The host of Million Star (a.k.a Super Star Avenue) and University came out on top in a poll organized by Avon. Women ranging in age of 20s, 30s and 40s were surveyed on the qualities of inner and outer beauty. They were asked to rate the nominees based on their financial, influential and learning abilities, as well as their personal styles, makeup/skincare and maintaining/improving physical appearance. Most women that participated in the survey believed inner beauty was more important, and voted Matilda Tao as the overall winner.

Although Lin Chi-Ling has long been recognized as a beauty, her 4th place finish in the poll surprised many. Those ahead of her include the First Lady of Taiwan Christine Chou Mei-Chin and 13 times Golden Bell awards-winning newscaster Jennifer Shen Chun-Hua.

Matilda Tao responded to her win saying it was probably because Lin Chi-Ling hasn’t been seen much locally. If the poll was based on appearance, they would have lost by a mile. As for the second place Jennifer Shen, her assistant responded on her behalf and said she wanted to thank everyone for their support. However, she believes the power of women is not only showcased at the workplace, because even more is shown at home.

Kangxi’s host Kevin Tsai was the special guest at the Avon event. He joked, “From a male point of view, men would think of them like the Goddess of Mercy, not the kind that they can pursue, especially those in the top 3, because they look like the type that you would have salute or worship with incense.” He thinks the selection of the top 3 reflects the mainstream believe in Taiwan, in which they hope a woman can play the role of a wife and a mother at the same time, as well as being intelligent.

Jennifer Shen interviews the one and only...

Other Notable Top Ten Finishers:

#4 Lin Chi-Ling
#5 Patty Hou
#9 Kwai Lun-Mei
#10 Dee Hsu

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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