Mark Chao takes his shirt off to sell men’s skincare

The star of Monga showed off his manly side by baring his chest for Neutrogena’s men skincare. Although his body looked a little pasty compared to males stars like Stanley Huang and Joseph Chang, Mark Chao still caught the eyes of many when he took off his shirt on the set of the new commercial.

Many advertisers have been trying to get Mark Chao to show some skin, but it didn’t happen until the new skincare commercial. His management company Prajna Works revealed that a soft drink company previously suggested the idea, but they turned it down since his nakedness “did not relate to the product.” When asked why he is taking his clothes off now, they said it is “because all male stars take theirs off for facial wash commercials.”

Mark Chao is taking over for Stanley Huang, who has been the spokesperson for Neutrogena over the past three years. Coincidentally, his rumored-girlfriend Janine Chang happens to be the spokesperson for the women’s line. In order to show his best form in the ad campaign, Mark Chao hit the gym for two weeks straight prior to filming. He was still not satisfied with his body and asked, “Can filming be done later, and let me train a bit more? As for his paleness, it was due the fact that no tanning oil was applied.

His payday was estimated to be only 2 million (NTD) because the endorsement was offered to him prior to his Golden Bell win.  However, Neutrogena said they have since filmed an additional commercial, so the deal is worth around 3 million.

In regards to Mark Chao taking on too many endorsements, Prajna Works responded, “We turned down more than we accepted. They are already being chosen carefully.” Mark Chao has attended a massive number of new product press conferences since the beginning of this year. He was resistance to them at first, because “why are reporters asking question after question?” He is now accustomed to the process and would even ask his management company on what he can talk about.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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