Mark Chao envious of Ethan Ruan's armpit hair

Yesterday, Mark Chao appeared at a promotional event as the spokesperson for Neutrogena’s men skincare. For the first time, the behind the scenes for filming the commercial were shown at the event.

Despite he went shirtless in the commercial, he revealed that his armpit hair was removed in the poster because they were unsightly. He admitted that his lump of hair could not compare to Ethan Ruan’s properly groomed and "beautiful armpit hair." Mark laughed and explained that he didn’t really care about them (armpit hair), so he didn’t bother to trim them or take care of them in any way. He complimented Ethan’s, “Xiao Tian (Ethan) is very proud of his armpit hair. They’re not very scattered. They’re soft and smooth and not messy.”

Last year, he took home the best actor award at Golden Bell, and now, he has also received the best actor nomination at the Shanghai TV Festival for Black & White. Feeling embarrassed, he expressed that he is phobic of receiving another award ever since he got his Golden Bell award, “Previously, I would feel extremely happy about it, but now when I hear that I’ve been nominated, I would think, ‘what should I do’?”

Ethan is #1 in most beautiful armpit hair

Source: Appledaily

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