Mainland singer Bibi Chow ditches glasses for more feminine style

Mainland Chinese singer Bibi Chow 周筆暢 was in Taipei’s well-known Ximending entertainment district for the unveiling of a large-scale billboard to promote her upcoming second album “iFishLight (i魚光鏡)”. Bibi dressed entirely in black and stepped into 4-inch high heels for the unveiling absent her trademark glasses-look, a look that shifts away from her previous more neutral appearance.

Bibi will be releasing her new album on June 18th, and not only was she doing promotions in Taiwan with the media for the first time, but she also got up close and personal with her fans and immediately released her new song "Canned Fish 魚罐頭" on location while there. For the MV of her latest song, Bibi plays dual roles as the male and female in order to let her fans experience her diverse skills.

Bibi will also make an appearance in Guangzhou on May 29th for her first major concert tour, where the concert's ten thousand tickets immediately sold out in 20 minutes. The mainland singer made a previous trip to Taiwan on April 28th for album post-production work, MV shooting, and concert rehearsals. Bibi expressed that her latest album was a work of her self-confidence, and that no matter whether is was selecting the songs or personally taking part in the lyric-making process, she felt emotionally touched by each of her songs. She also hoped that her songs will show her inner-self to her fans.

A major breakthrough from her latest album is her complete image makeover. Not only did she ditch her signature glasses look, but she also put on a form-fitting outfit and high heels. Bibi wasn't accustomed to it and expressed, "Wearing a wig, high heels, and fake eyelashes feel awkward in comparison" as she always unconsciously pushed her glasses up. Bibi further expressed that her upcoming concert was a huge challenge, as it will be her first attempt at dancing and singing simultaneously. But she gave special thanks to "Taiwan's Dance King" Show Luo for his unselfish instruction in teaching her several dance moves.

Bibi Chow promoting in Taipei's Ximending:

Bibi Chow's debut song "Canned Fish 魚罐頭":

Source: UDN

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