Magician Lu Chen continues to perform magic with injured pinky

After hurting his pinky and performing his magic shows in Mainland, Magician Lu Chen returned to Taiwan yesterday to attend the press conference for the yogurt drink, 統一多多 (Duo Duo), and performed two magic tricks.

Lu Chen’s popularity has continued to rise throughout the year, where some reports say that he can make three hundred thousand dollars (NT) in one minute. He’s even ranked 13th on Forbes’ most money making list, putting him ahead of stars like Nicholas Tse and Aaron Kwok. Lu Chen reportedly makes one million RMB for performing one magic show in Mainland, while his price for performing at Taiwan shows starts from one million TWD.

Due to his popularity, many female fans follow him around, where some would even touch his behind or reach inside his shirt. A fan has even revealed on her blog that she has been in bed with him. Lu Chen replies, “I can only say it again and clarify once more that it is false.” Lu Chen says he has also been through all sorts of ridiculous rumors. One time when he invited his mother to appear on a show in Mainland, some reports even said that he brought a fake mom to the show because his real mom is too ugly.

In addition, some even say that Lu Chen has gotten plastic surgery after seeing photos of him in the past where he used to weigh a lot. The 173 cm tall Lu Chen, explains that there were only two times in his life when he weighed the heaviest – in high school and about 10 years ago. Lu Chen reveals that 80 kg is the heaviest he has ever weighed, which is during his high school days, “I wasn’t anybody that you would notice. My looks and grades were very average, so I could only focus on my magic.” Afterwards, he has kept himself at around 68 kg. In a recent diet, he only ate breakfast and nothing else for the entire day, as well as jogging 10 kilometers every day. In just one month, he lost 12 kg, weighing only 56 kg. As for rumors of him having plastic surgery, Lu Chen can only swear to God that he hasn’t done any.

Lu Chen's pinky should heal in a month's time...

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Source: UDN, Appledaily TW / Videos: sugoideas

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