Lu Chen almost disabled his "magic finger"

At home in Taipei last week, Magician Lu Chen accidentally cut his left pinky while practicing some new magic trick with blades. The doctor revealed that the cut was rather deep and almost affected his nerves. If it did, the rest of us wouldn’t be able to “witness a miracle” (見證奇蹟的時刻) with Lu Chen anymore.

He received seven stitches and his manager explained, “Lu Chen is rather senseless. He only felt a little pain when he cut his finger and didn’t want to go to the hospital. He continued practicing his magic tricks. It was after midnight that he finally decided to go to the hospital when he couldn’t endure the pain anymore.” The doctor was also surprised to see the magician and never thought that he would delay going to the hospital until so late as a magician’s hands are very precious.

Although the doctor had advised him to rest and stop all his work, the scheduled show of his magic tour could not be changed. Lu Chen performed at Hangzhou on the 15th despite the injury. Although he had not fully recovered, Lu Chen insisted on removing the stitches the day before the show, so that his performance would not be affected. After negotiating with the doctor, they agreed to remove half of it.

Lu Chen magic at CCTV's Chinese New Year program part 1

Lu Chen magic at CCTV's Chinese New Year program part 2

Source: UDN / videos: ellahkfc

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