Long-delayed Calling For Love gets off to a rough start

Mike He and Charlene Choi’s Calling For Love finally made it on air after nearly 10 months of delay. The CTS drama joined the Sunday night ratings battle alongside P.S. Man and Down With Love this past weekend. It averaged a less than stellar rating of 0.75%, but then again, that’s almost 3 times the amount of viewers that tuned into the Because of You finale. It probably won’t get any easier over the next few weeks, as the last episode of Down With Love is coming this Sunday, while FTV will begin airing Summer’s Desire on the 30th.

On a positive note, Calling For Love pulled in 1.06% among viewers between the ages of 15-44. Meanwhile, the top two idol dramas retained their positions and relatively the same ratings as the previous weeks. P.S. Man drew an average of 4.35%, while Down With Love was at 3.13%.

In related news, Mike He celebrated Calling For Love’s “15-44” ratings with costars Tracy Zhou and Chen Zhi-Kai. He also announced that he has fired his manager on Facebook...

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews ,UDN

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