Lollipop performs together for possibly the last time

Lollipop appeared at Show Luo's concert in Hong Kong as his special guests on May 2nd. The six members performed on stage together despite belonging to different management companies. Although they have expressed interest in collaborating in the future, the new Lollipop album in July might only feature Owodog, William, A-Wei and Fabien.

Gold Typhoon, which manages the four members, said: “There have been many offers for paid performances. We inquired about the other two members, but they were too busy, so it was difficult to coordinate.” Andy, who manages LilJay and Prince, responded saying that Gold Typhoon never invited his clients while they arrange to have the other four participate an award ceremony.

As for the chances of releasing an album together, Gold Typhoon said it is still being discussed. Andy revealed that LilJay and Prince have received offers from other record companies, in addition to Gold Typhoon’s. He said the future development of the two will be the key to their decision. Interestingly, the group’s name “Bang Bang Tang” (Lollipop) has already been registered by a third-party long ago. Both companies can only use the word as a stage name and are forbidden make commercial goods with it.

Source: Chinatimes,

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