A-list stars catch the Word Expo craze

The Shanghai World Expo has just begun and many top stars will be making appearances over the course of the event. In addition to Andy Lau, Leehom Wang, Angela Chang and Jay Chou are among the stars that are scheduled to perform.
Andy Lau jumps in joy as he didn't have to line up in chaos

 Andy Lau participated at the Park Opening Ceremony before hundreds of thousands of visitors rushed into the expo. The superstar had to leave for Beijing shortly after the performance, but luckily he was able get a ride around the park after rehearsals on the day before. He even jumped in excitement while taking pictures outside of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and China pavilions. He said, “(I) hope I'll get a chance to go the inside the pavilions.”

Leehom Wang is the goodwill ambassador of the Taipei pavilion. He was invited to the 101 3-D and Future theaters for a 1-hour visit before the opening ceremony. After watching a 3-D film by director Hou Hsiao-Hsien, he praised, “We will soon be able to make our own ‘Avatar’.” Leehom will return to the Taipei pavilion next month to perform “I Smile When I See You”.

Leehom promotes Taipei in retro 80s look

As for Jay Chou, he sang “The Wandering Songstress” and “Faraway” with songstress Song Zu-Ying at an expo concert, and performed solo on his hit song “Chrysanthemum Terrace”. Fellow singer Angela Chang is participating in the musical “Windows of the City” at the expo from May 1st to 3rd. And Jolin Tsai is the spokesperson for the Taiwan pavilion and sings its theme song “Heartbeat of Taiwan”, but the date of her appearance is not yet confirmed.

Hanging Angela Chang and standing Jolin Tsai

Source: Appledaily

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