Lin Yu Chun signs record deal with Sony Music

Yesterday, Sony Music held an extravagant press conference at Shanghai costing three-million dollars (NT) to announce a record deal with 24 year old Lin Yu-Chun. The event attracted over eighty different media companies from all over Asia. To refresh your memory, Lin Yu-Chun’s fame skyrocketed after giving his epic performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” on the popular singing competition show, One Million Star.

Sony Music announced their plan to invest seventy million (NT) in this project, where they’re expecting to help Lin Yu-Chun release his first album in July and then followed by a world tour concert at the end of the year. Under the excitement, Lin Yu-Chun fell into tears at the press conference, “This is like a miracle journey. It feels like my dream has come true.”

Sony Music estimates that Lin Yu-Chun’s debut album will cost around ten-million to make and around sixty-million dollars for the concert. They plan to release a full English album and a second version that contains half of the songs in English and the other half in Chinese. The cost of the production fee and the scope of the planning rivals Sony’s top star, Leehom Wang. Lin Yu-Chun quickly explains, “We have different styles. I will never be as good looking as him even in my next life.” Sony Music does not rule out inviting Leehom Wang and Jay Chou to collaborate on Lin Yu-Chun’s album.

Lin Yu-Chun revealed that he would like to fulfill his mom’s wish, which is to accompany her to study abroad. When asked whether he will be going on a quick diet (who currently weighs 114kg), he laughed, “I’m afraid if I lose weight, everyone will ask, ‘Where did Lin Yu-Chun’ go. I’m too lucky. All the models are envious of me being able to eat all that I want in front of the higher-ups without being scolded.”

Source: Appledaily TW

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