Lin Chi-Ling not getting much love for Moon Lovers

Three weeks have passed since Lin Chi-Ling’s first Japanese drama premiered, but the news just seem to get worse every week. Despite having superstar Kimura Takuya as its lead actor, ratings for Moon Lovers dropped to a new low for episode 3. At 15.6%, it marked the second lowest rating for the actor in 14 years! Many netizens are predicting that next episode’s ratings will dip below 15%.

Model-turned-actress Lin Chi-Ling hasn’t had the best of luck since she ventured out into acting. Her signature baby-voice was dubbed over in the second installment of Red Cliff, while her last movie The Treasure Hunter was a big flop. Her acting in Moon Lovers hasn’t been fairing much better as viewers criticized her questionable Japanese and again, her baby-voice. Netizens are also blaming Moon Lovers’ failure on its illogical writing, as well as Kimura Takuya’s never-changing acting.

The ratings of Moon Lovers started off with 22.4%, followed by 19.2% on its second week and further dropped to 15.6% for the latest episode. Some netizens suggested that ratings might have been better if the drama focused on Kimura Takuya and lead actress Shinohara Ryōko instead.

Source: Appledaily, Nownews

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