Lin Chi-Ling makes her Japanese drama debut on Moon Lovers

The long-awaited Japanese drama debut of Taiwan’s favorite supermodel finally took place this past Monday. Model-turned-actress Lin Chi-Ling appeared in the first episode of Kimura Takuya’s drama Moon Lovers (月の恋人). And just as previously reported, her on-screen image was a 180-degree turn from her usual glamorous self.
Chi-Ling gets squished...

Lin Chi-Ling played a poor factory worker in Shanghai who’s father left their family to work in Japan. She has been studying Japanese for three years in hopes to find him in Japan one day. Her factory was purchased by the president of a furniture company played by Kimura Takuya. The two had a misunderstanding, but in order to save her mom, Chi-Ling agreed to undergo training to become a model. She later appeared as the spokesperson for his new store in Shanghai and shocked everyone with her transformation.

Following the premiere of Moon Lovers, Lin Chi-Ling joined her costars Shinohara Ryōko and Kitagawa Keiko to attend a live broadcast of SMAP×SMAP. Kimura Takuya and Inagaki Gorō made shark fin soup, while Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Katori Shingo made fried rice. The luxurious shark fin proved to be a winner, and the members were awarded with a kiss from the actresses.

The ratings for the first episode of Moon Lovers didn’t quite achieve the 25% they were hoping for, but it still managed an impressive 22.4%. The episode of SMAP×SMAP featuring the ladies of Moon Lovers took in 20.4%.

 The normal Chi-Ling...

Source: Chinatimes, CNA, Libertytimes, Nownews

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