Life in Taiwan with Super Idol’s Edgar Zhao and Kim Seul-Ki (Pt. 2/3)

In part 2 of the series, UDN takes a closer look at life in Taiwan for Super Idol contestants Edgar Zhao and Kim Seul-Ki.  See here for Part1 with former Million Star contestant Jing Wong

29 year-old contestant Edgar Zhao left his home country of Myanmar to compete in the current season of Super Idol. Sadly, the most polite contestant in the history of singing competitions was eliminated last weekend. We will sure miss Edgar and hope he gets his oh-so-old-school groove back soon.

Edgar Zhao previously released two albums back in Myanmar, but his country was plagued by piracy, in addition to being a closed market. He said the financial ability and social position of singers are not like those in Taiwan. In the past, only songs of the four “heavenly kings” were available in Myanmar, so his 90s-influenced singing style has often been a subject of criticism for the judges.

It took the singer quite some time to adjust to the competitive Taiwanese entertainment industry. In the meantime, he would like to find a gig singing at a pub to make ends meet for now. Edgar hopes to follow the footsteps of fellow Burmese singer Gao Ming-Jun and release his own album in Taiwan.

Korean contestant Kim Seul-Ki is currently a first year advertising major at the National Chengchi University. He revealed that wasn't used to the Taiwanese weather and food at first, and even spent a month eating at a convenience store.

Much to the surprise of many, Kim Seul-Ki is still in the competition with 8 contestants remaining. His biggest challenge continues to be the language as he only knows a limited amount of vocabulary, even the judges would sometimes have difficulty understanding him. Nevertheless, he said, “Taiwan is full of opportunities. More and more people are getting to like Taiwan. (I) really hope to become a singer in Taiwan and release an album.”

Source: UDN

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