Life away from the mainland for Duan Xu-Ming and Sasha Li (Pt. 3)

Super Idol’s Duan Xu-Ming and Sasha Li are both contestants that hail from the mainland in season 3 and 4 respectively. In contrast to younger competitors that often have to battle with nerves, their experience and maturity serve as an advantage rather than a burden. Duan Xu-Ming had an impressive 3rd place finish last season, while Sasha Li is still competing in the current one, placing in the top 5 consistently.

At 27, Sasha Li has a sense of maturity and skills that set her apart from the rest of the female contestants. The Shanghai native has in fact released an album in the mainland several years ago, but has never promoted it in Taiwan. After hearing about Super Idol, she found a place in Taipei with the help of her friends, and left home to take part in the competition. Since her family is quite well-off, she hasn’t had to worry about living expenses like most of the other foreign contestants.

As one of the highlights from season 3, third-person-talking Duan Xu-Ming is a native of Harbin and provided many hilarious moments. He was originally an actor back home before marrying the owner of a famous bridal wear company in Taiwan. Xu-Ming began travelling back and forth across both shores after the couple started dating. However, he soon realized his acting opportunities were diminishing because he couldn’t be in the mainland all the time.

Xu-Ming decided it was time to shift his focus to Taiwan. He got married and had kids, while convincing himself that it was time to give up his dream of performing on stage. He was later encouraged by his wife to participate in the Super Idol contest. Xu-Ming took the opportunity to prove his talent, and surprisingly found a new stage for himself in Taiwan after losing one in the mainland.

Source: UDN

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