Li Jing returns in a wheelchair after epic fall

Looks like Lu Chen isn't the only getting hurt these days… 

Our dearest host from Super Idol and Diamond Club was a guest model at a fashion show in Shanghai recently. She wore in a pair of 20 cm-high crystal pumps that would have made any shoe lovers envy. Li Jing even once joked that she would make it on CNN if she comes crashing down on the runway. On the fateful day, reporters asked her to “fake” a fall during their photo session. It seemed like a good idea, but the only problem is, her fake fall turned into a real one. And by the looks of it, it was one heck of an incredibly-Earth-shattering-epic fall…..

Despite being in pain, Li Jing strolled down the runway like a professional and even wore a 10 kg headdress in the closing act. She revealed that she took 2 painkillers and packed her feet with 4 bags of ice. The host had to be carried off by her husband after returning from the stage. She was back in Taiwan on the 16th in a wheelchair, but the good news is, her doctor confirmed there were no broken bones.

Li Jing was back at Sanlih TV for a taping of Super Idol in the afternoon. She attempted to stand while giving interviews but the pain was simply too much to bear. She changed into a pair of flats and continued to host the show in a chair. Li Jing also happened to run into Ethan Ruan on her way back to Taiwan. The actor saw her swollen feet and said she must get some rest. He advised her to have her manager request for some time off from the producer of her show. Unfortunately, Li Jing’s manager and producer happen to be the same person.

Source: Chinatimes

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