Leehom takes Leehom-Sharp to the next level

Okay, we’re a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Leehom!!! 

And here’s more on “Leehom-Sharp”….

First-time director Leehom Wang has spent the past few months working on his movie Love Announcement, which is expected to hit theaters later this August. Many netizens previously commented that he looked a lot like Brother Sharp when images from the film were released earlier. But in the latest batch of photos, Leehom really took “Leehom-Sharp” to the next level and brought along costar Chen Han-Dian as his victim sidekick as well.

Maybe he was sick of being a good-looking man, or worried that people would oversight his acting ability. In the new movie, Leehom and his on-screen buddy Chen Han-Dian go undercover in some hard-to-miss images. In one particular scene, the former holds a lamb, while the latter carries around a chicken. Their interesting appearances sure made everyone await the movie with even more anticipation.

Chen Han-Dian revealed recently that he has been bad influence over Leehom with his dirty jokes and variety show-slangs. He said he didn’t know Leehom very well before working on the movie, and even wondered why he was cast in the first place. In response, Leehom said he thought Chen can be funny and play a literary youth at the same time.

The cast of Love Announcement consists of actors from both sides of the shores, including the beautiful lead actress Crystal Liu, Hunantv’s Xie Na, two-time Golden Rooster winner Xie Yuan, as well the very talented stick-thin musician Khalil Fong.

Source: Nownews

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