Jolin’s dog Whoo Hoo makes his fashion pictorial debut

Jolin Tsai’s beloved dog Whoo Hoo recently took part in a photo shoot for a fashion pictorial. The star-mom was excited but nervous at the same time as it was Whoo Hoo’s first time. She carefully organized his schedule for the day, which included a visit at the spa, followed by a ride to the Appledaily studio in her own work-van. Jolin also reminded her assistant to beware of two key points– One is not to let Whoo Hoo fall asleep, as it would delay shooting. Two is not to let him on the ground, because it would make his feet dirty.

Whoo Hoo was accompanied by Jolin’s manager, assistant, driver and his trainer to the studio. They were worried at first that he wouldn’t slip into the Tod’s shoes that were prepared for the photoshoot. Much to their surprise, Whoo Hoo modeled the shoes like a pro and followed his trainer’s cue to pose for the camera. During the midway break, he rested calmly and let the makeup artist do his touch-ups. Even the entertainment reporters on site were impressed, “Tell Jolin that her son is incredible, the manager should quickly sign him!”

Whoo Hoo in Tod's

Whoo Hoo preps for the big day

Source: Appledaily

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