Jolin dons wigs for sexy stockings ad, nets NT$30M paycheck

Following the recent economic recovery in East Asia, Taiwanese pop queen Jolin Tsai received NT$30M (US$900K) from a recent commercial shoot for a mainland Chinese stockings company. Jolin had on fishnet stockings while on a motorcycle, acting the part of the beauty as she frequently crossed her legs during her poses and got the eyes of male staff members on set glued to her. The singer reportedly earned NT$1.2B (US$36.1M) from advertising.

Jolin also donned a short bob cut wig and super short shorts while beautifully "riding" a motorcycle with some beautiful grey-colored silk stockings. The subsequent commercial shoot went by pretty fast, but it took Jolin over an hour to change for the shoot itself. Not only that, but she curled her hair ten days earlier in order to get into the look for an ad for a shampoo product.

Her second set of shoots was more relaxed, as Jolin showed off more of her chest and modeled in a super short dress and a miniskirt, once again getting the male staff members' hearts racing. Last year, Jolin endorsed 11 products, but shortly after the economic recovery in East Asia, the pop star promoted products ranging from Pepsi and shampoo to socks and motorcyles.

Source: The Apple Daily

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