Jing Wong shares his living quarters and talks about life in Taiwan (Pt. 1/3)

Televised singing competitions like Million Star (Superstar Avenue) and Super Idol have brought us many stars over the years. The popularity of these shows can reach beyond its local audience, and even attract many foreigners to Taiwan for a chance to fulfill their dreams. However, it’s no easy task for foreign contestants to live on their own over months of competition with little to no income. UDN takes a closer look at how some of them adjust to life in Taipei. (This is part 1 of 3 in the series.)

Singapore’s Jing Wong was one of first “foreign” contestants to have made a successful transition from competition to career. The 26 year-old singer finished 6th in season 3 of Million Star, and went on to release two albums along with a starring role on Momo Love. He currently rents a 7 Tsubo (approx. 249 Sq. Ft.) suite in Taipei, living alongside neighbors that include flight attendants, foreigners and singles. He laughed, “Everyone is so mysterious, (we) rarely greet each other.”

The poor noise insulation in his tiny suite has even gotten him in trouble with the neighbors. They once protested to the landlord when Jing Wong practiced his high notes in the shower. The apartment also features a coin-op washing machine; he would often wait till hallway is clear before walking out with his dirty laundry.

Like many singers in the industry, Jing Wong usually hits the bed right after a long day of work. With little time left to clean his room, Jing’s mom would help out whenever she visits. Since his income fluctuates depending on the number of school shows and varieties he gets, Jing has come up with several ways to save money, such as not turning on the AC, or leaving the lights off and use his computer as his light source. He said, “Darkness is a source of creative inspiration.”

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Source: UDN

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