Jerry Yan at a night club hugging a black halter topped girl

Always talking about finding a girlfriend, Jerry Yan was spotted at a night club event with a black halter dress girl, where he was photographed by paparazzi where he not only had intimate interactions, but the two were also talking and laughing and he even was playing high. He hugged her and was asked what their relationship was. The company answered, "Jerry was at an event where he made an appearance, other staff were present, and the black halter dress girl and him are just friends. "

Jerry meticulously lowered his hat so people won't recognize him, but was photographed on Saturday early morning at a nightclub where a curly hair girl, in a black clothing. She wrapped her arms around his back and eventually around his hips. Those two seem very close, but the company simply replied that they are just ordinary friends with a normal relationship.

Jerry Yan said on March 13, 2010, "It's probably because I wasn't as romantic and considerate. I feel that I was a bit naive. That is why I really hope all my past girlfriends will find someone who is best for themselves."

Even after saying that he is not romantic nor considerate enough, for many girls, he is their prince. First it was with the number one model, Lin Chi Ling, attracting all sorts of media attention. Later because of filming his show with Teri Kwan, they were rumored to be together. After the picture was taken at the nightclub, one of the rumors was that it was with his only girlfriend, Teri. Even paying for themselves to watch a drama starring Teri's ex, Jerry Huang, it seemed like there are some feelings coming back. Jerry's nightclub scandal may be some new changes in love.

Jerry Yan and Lin Chi Ling

Jerry Yan and Teri Kwan in Starlit drama

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